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  • INESCOP launches a carbon emissions calculation tool.

    Release date:2017-09-15

    Guide: China leather net news. According to the life cycle of shoes, from choosing raw materials to making shoes, INESCOP developed a tool to calculate the carbon footprint in shoemaking process. It is said that this project aimed to help shoes manufacturing enterprises ameliorate carbon emissions of production process, so that environmental issues can be effectively improved. Meanwhile, it also can be regarded as a marketing tool. This project has also received support from the technological ceDetails

  • New leather industrial cluster in Morocco is ready to go.

    Release date:2017-09-15

    Guide: China leather net news. FEDIC expects that new leather industrial cluster can be put into operation in October. This new industrial cluster includes tanning enterprises, leather suppliers firms and finished leather manufacturing enterprises. New chairman of FEDIC, Hamid Benrhrido attended July 7th meeting, together with government representatives. In the meeting, he mentions that research team will search for the best solution to build industrial clusters in a few weeks. Research work wilDetails

  • Vietnam holds Leather and Footwear Conference to promote exports.

    Release date:2017-09-15

    Guide: China leather net news. Conference on the Vietnam Leather and Footwear export trade promotion was held in Ho Chi Minh City on July 15th. This meeting was co-organized by the Vietnam Trade Promotion Agency and the Vietnam Leather, Footwear and Luggage Association. Trade and export capacity-building of leather and footwear was the theme of this conference and it focused on the problems faced by Vietnam footwear industry, seeking solutions to solve internal problems and how to improve the exDetails

  • Recently Japanese synthetic leather companies successfully developed new environment-friendly artific

    Release date:2017-09-15

    Guide: According to Japanese authorities, recently Japanese synthetic leather companies successfully developed new environment-friendly artificial leather. This kind of artificial leather has excellent performance and it can be widely used in many industries. It is said that during the manufacturing process, this kind of artificial leather firstly used superfine composite wire which is spun by high density hole and made up of different polymers to make high-density non-woven fabric. Then immerseDetails

  • Textile and leather, etc will become the key tax objects in “Environmental Protection Tax Law”.

    Release date:2017-09-15

    Guide: Nowadays, Environmental Protection Tax Law (draft)which people concerned a lot had published in full and publicly solicited the views of the community. The draft stipulates that in the field of Peoples Republic of China and other sea areas under the jurisdiction, the enterprises and institutions which directly discharge taxable pollutants into the environment and other production operators who were taxpayers of environmental protection tax should pay environmental protection taxes. TaxablDetails